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redtech presentation, engine test for motorcycle and classic carsREDtech is an innovative product that is designed to do a quick engine diagnosis on motorcycle and classic cars. The product was designed by two french classic cars enthusiasts that need a solution when buying or maintaining their classic car.

REDtech labels help to detect faults on an engine

The main objective of REDtech labels is to identify dysfunctions that could be on an engine. The result of the engine test helps to locate the fault(s).

Several faults that REDtech labels will help to detect :

  • faulty spark plug
  • jammed or clogged fuel injector
  • plug wire defect
  • abnormal low compression of a cylinder

All these faults will lower the concerned cylinder's performance and the whole engine's operation. Malfunction of one or more cylinders will cause premature wear and increased fuel consumption. REDtech labels will help to identify these gaps also if you cannot hear them.

Starting at 13 €* : in few minutes, REDtech labels will produce a comparison of the performance of the engine's cylinders:

Lowest performance : center color is still white Vignette REDtech pour un cylindre fortement défectueux
Intermediate performance : center is partly colored Vignette REDtech pour un cylindre ayant un rendement inférieur
Best performance : center is fully colored vignette REDtech cylindre ayant le rendement maximum

See demonstration page for concrete results.


REDtech labels help everyday when maintaining a motorcycle or a classic car

Redtech has the advantage of evaluating all cylinders simultaneously. The principle of REDtech is to compare the performance of the engine cylinders, and the best and worst cylinders of the engine are highlighted. REDtech does not directly indicate the cause of the malfunction (ignition, carburetion, compression, ...), but will help to focus research on the cylinders that do not properly operate.

* 13 € : price for product REDtech-4 that enables to do 2 engine tests