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REDtech is a diagnostic product for classic cars and motorcycles, in few minutes, it provides an indication on the condition of an engine. This innovative product is designed to be sticked on the exhaust pipes of your engine and after a few minutes of operation, it shows you the cylinder or cylinders having an abnormal operation. With REDtech label, the faulty cylinder is quickly identified without disassembling the engine. REDtech also help you to identify cylinders that work but not at the same level at the other.

Redtech's advantages:

  • unbeatable price/efficiency ratio
  • fits in a pocket and can be taken during visit to purchase
  • no tools required
  • usefull to guide the repair and avoid unnecessary work
  • help to obtain a quick indication of the operation of an engine


Product use:

For optimum results, REDtech labels will be sticked on exhaust pipes as the engine is completely cold, and on a vehicle operating regularly.

The product is applied directly on the exhaust pipes, make sure that they are accessible and not covered by insulating wrap or other protection. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on using the product and our Demonstration page for examples of use on motorcycles and classic cars.

NO COMPARISON CAN BE MADE WITH INFRARED THERMOMETER: REDtech is not comparable to an infrared thermometer, REDtech labels compares temperatures at the same time and produce a comparison of the cylinders' performance.